On The Walls at The Corner: Spring/Summer 2016

John Adams
“My Passion…My Art”
John is a BFA Graduate of the Art Centre College Design in Los Angeles. John’s interpretive landscapes reflect a fresh approach to the wonderment of the outdoors. “Happy, content, comfortable, at ease,” are some of the words used to describe his beautiful work. John’s painting have found new homes in private collections across North America.

Debra Lynn Carroll
Debra Lynn, an honours graduate in drawing and painting from OCAD University, is inspired by the Georgian Triangle area to create contemporary landscapes. The energy of nature comes to life through her use of rich vibrant colour to create images of enduring beauty and elegant splendour. Debra Lynn works in her studio at the Loft Gallery on main street Clarksburg.

Shelagh Fox
“I co-create with the world and celebrate the beauty of nature and all being, limitless in subject, media and form.”
Shelagh’s unique and imaginative ability is limitless. Her mixed media pieces include – oil on canvas, acrylic on wood and multi-media. Her use of deep rich colours reflect her visual language and passion. Shelagh owns and operates the Shelagh Fox Gallery in the heart of Thornbury.

Cynthia Marsh
Cynthia is an established local artist. She is well known for her skillful portraits and her wonderful ability to capture a whimsical essence and spontaneity in her animal paintings. Her landscapes and still-life paintings have a vibrancy and energetic use of colour. She works in and owns The Marsh Street Gallery on main street Clarksburg. She paints in oil and acrylic.

Marian Masters
“I pursue the qualities in landscape and still life that connect me to their atmosphere and history.”
Marian’s paintings vividly capture the effects of light and colour. She has a wonderful ability to capture the loose essence and atmosphere of a scene so that the feeling of time and place can be relayed to the viewer. As well as painting, Marian has won awards for her gold and silver jewellery designs. She currently works in oil and pastel from her studio in Thornbury.

Don Kilby
Don studied Illustration at Sheridan College and worked for many years as a freelance commercial artist. His commercial artwork was highly valued for its ability to communicate a scene, as well as hint at a narrative element – qualities which have carried over into his fine art paintings. “When on a hike or a dog walk, I pause frequently, taking the time to really absorb the scenery before me. I like to know what the features – whether they be an icy clear stream, or gnarled tree trunk – feel like to the touch, and then work to share that knowledge with the viewers of my art.”
Don paints and shows his work at the Kilby Gallery in Clarksburg.

Jennifer Woodburn
“Mine is a graphic take on life. Through the relative chaos I find in the design of nature, I organize it on canvas using line and simplifying what I see. I look for interesting shape and colour and explore the spaces in between.”
Rhythm is found and exaggerated in Jennifer’s magical artwork. With an up-beat palate and whimsy she captures the rural architecture of the Canadian landscape in acrylic on canvas. Jennifer is winner of the 2011 Murray Jacob Clerkson Award. Jennifer works from her studio in Clarksburg.

Bill Franks
Bill started his career as a boy rowing A.Y. Jackson around the Go-Home Bay area of Georgian Bay. A.Y Jackson taught him how to make a sketch box and introduced him to the basics of colour – thus the start of a successful oil-painting career in ‘plein air’. Bill captures beautifully the rhythm, pattern, design and colour of the changing landscape of Canada. His paintings hang in private collections across Canada and internationally.

Henry Lobo
Henry paints predominately in acrylic using the paint very generously and ingeniously to give his paintings a three-dimensional effect. Henry also paints in shale using contours of the rock to add a unique perspective of depth and dimension. Henry is recognized all over the world for his fine art on canvas and shale.

Deborah Masters – Curator
Deborah is a well known Decorative Artist. Her work has been widely advertised including in The Globe and Mail Fashion Edition. She studied the fine art of decorative painting in France under skilled Masters from Florence Italy. She has a wide experience working with design and colour for clients and knows the importance of a uniting flow of colour when hanging art work.
Deborah makes jewelry and designs and paints in encaustic from her studio in Thornbury.

Willy Waterton
Born in England, Willy Waterton moved to Grey County at age 4. For 36 years he photographed the area and its people as a photo journalist for the Owen Sound Sun Times. Waterton’s newspaper photographs won over 100 provincial and national awards. His photography has appeared in national and international magazines, newspapers and books, including the Globe and Mail, New York Times, and National Geographic. His work is in public and private collections, including clients such as Parks Canada and National Defence. Waterton’s life-long love for the Niagara Escarpment, Bruce/Grey and its people has led to his commitment to protect, and interpret through photography, this special part of Canada.

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